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Sourcing creative, and driven talent is critical for organizations to grow. The Dreamsetters United team is constantly striving to find mission-aligned mentors, volunteers, and community champions to get involved in growing our impact.

Who We Work With

DSU is an open, inclusive team that believes in the power of ideas. If you think we’re missing a critical opportunity, TELL US! We want to talk.


84% of Kentucky employers report difficulty hiring, and a majority attribute this to under-skilled workers. However, soft skills such as communication, independence, and problem solving regularly top the lists of employer complaints with the youngest workers. Dreamsetters is part of this solution. Let us know how we can help.


Parents want the best future possible for their children, but a majority of young Americans are now underemployed and lacking connection to significant opportunity. As the jobs of tomorrow become increasingly ill-defined, high-value career counseling, college counseling, and networking is a necessity.


Schools face significant issue everyday with finding solutions for chronic absenteeism and juvenile crime. In the long run, raising academic performance and reducing drop-out rates is, likewise, critical. Mentorship and life skills coaching can help solve this dilemma.

Making Dreams a Reality

To reunite youth with the adults who can guide them, and to unite our community behind a shared vision, we created the Dreamsetters United program.